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TS63210K Tuning Switch


The TS63210K is a reflective open Single Pole Two Throw (SP2T) Switch. Designed for Antenna or Filter tuning applications where high RF peak voltage handling is desired. TS63210K is suitable for frequency ranges from 10 to 1000MHz.

TS63210K has a very low 1.4Ω ON resistance and OFF Capacitance of 800fF. This switch can select upto 4 possible states.

The TS63210K is packaged into a compact Quad Flat
No lead (QFN) 3x3mm 16 leads plastic package.


  • Ultra Low 1.4Ω ON resistance
  • 0.80pF Coff
  • RF Peak Voltage Handling of 100V
  • Each state can be controlled Independently
  • 4 Possible state configuration
  • No external DC blocking capacitors on RF lines
  • Versatile 2.6-5.0V power supply
  • 1.2-5.0V digital control


  • Filter and Antenna Tuning
  • Dynamic matching

TS63210K pin description

The backside ground slug of the package must be grounded directly to the ground plane using multiple vias to ensure proper operation.

TS63210K absolute maximum ratings

TS63210K switch truth table

TS63210K DC and digital electrical specs

TS63210K rf electricalspecs

TS63210K figure 2

TS63210K figure 3

TS63210K qual. info

TS63210K disclosure





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