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SMD 90° Coupler operates from 700 to 4200 MHz

SMD 90° Coupler operates from 700 to 4200 MHz

Innovative Power Products new Model IPP-7124, a 150 watt Surface Mount 90 Degree Coupler that operates from 700 – 4200 MHz.

The IPP-7124 will combine two signals up to 150 Watts CW of total output power. This coupler is produced in a Surface Mount (SMD) package with a size of 0.20 x 1.80 x .233 inches. The Insertion Loss is less than 0.65 dB, Amplitude Balance is less than ± 0.85 dB, Phase Balance is less than +/- 5 degrees, VSWR is less than 1.50:1 with greater than 13 dB of Isolation. The IPP-7124 is available for commercial and military use, and in a RoHS compliant version.


Frequency (MHz) 700-4200
Power 150
VSWR Max 1.50:1
Amplitude Balance 0.85
Phase Balance 8
Insertion Loss 0.65
Isolation 13
Package Size 0.20 x 1.80

Download the datasheet here.