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SiTime MEMS based Elite TCXO

SiTime MEMS based Elite TCXO

The recent fire at Japanese IC manufacturer AKM, has placed the timing and oscillator market under immense pressure with a 6 month recovery time expected. The majority of manufacturers in this space are dependent on AKM,

As the industry faces a shortage in timing products due to the fire at AKM, Wireless Components is here to help you.

SiTime’s fabless strategy leverages on the established semiconductor infrastructure and foundry leaders such as TSMC and Bosch, as well as assembly and test vendors like ASE, UTAC, and Carsem, leading to virtually unlimited capacity with a forecast and lead time. Furthermore, our production is based on a true “multi-source”, geographically diverse, flow and so is the supply chain: as result we believe we have enough capacity to support your needs.

Our recommendation is not to wait but to start qualifying SiTime NOW

The industry shortage is affecting TCXOs for battery-powered applications, Automotive, Infrastructure and Aerospace-Defense applications:

The Automotive, Infrastructure quartz TCXOs can be replaced by our Elite TCXO (https://www.sitime.com/products/precision-mhz-super-tcxos).

The Aerospace-Defense quartz TCXOs can be replaced by SiTime’s Endura TCXO (https://www.sitime.com/products/ruggedized-oscillators ).

MHz XO (SPXO), whether LVCMOS or differential (LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL) can be replaced by Penny (https://www.sitime.com/products/mhz-oscillators#cat226 ) and Elite XO (https://www.sitime.com/products/mhz-oscillators#cat221 ) respectively.

Wireless Components is focused on building strategic partnerships centred on design support. SiTime MEMS oscillators-
• are more resilient to vibration, shock
• offer better stability across temperature
• are more programmable
• are more reliable
• are simpler to design-in
• use reduced PCB area,
• have lower sensitivity to EMI

Contact us  for design support or more information.


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