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SAW Bandpass Filter F2G43 by ITF

SAW Bandpass Filter F2G43 by ITF


  • RF Bandpass Filter
  • No impedance matching require for operation at 50Ω
  • Ceramic Surface Mounted Device Package ( 3.0 mm * 3.0 mm )
  • Single-ended Operation
  • RoHS Compliant

Package Dimensions:

F2G43 package dimensions original

Maximum Ratings:

Parameters Unit Minimum Typical Maximum
Operating Temperature Range ºC – 40 25 85
Storage Temperature Range ºC – 40 25 85
Power Handling Capability dBm 10
Electrostatics Sensitive Device (ESD)



F2G43 specifications


  1.   All specifications are based on the matching schematic shown below, measured by Agilent Network analyzer and full 2 port calibration.
  2. Electrical margin has been built into the design to account for the variations due to temperature drift and manufacturing tolerances.
  3. All attenuation measurements are measured relative to insertion loss

Matching Schematic:

F2G43 matching schematic

(Actual matching values may vary due to PCB layout and parasitics)

Typical Performance (at 25℃)

f2g43 typical performance at 25

f2g43 typical performance at 25 2

Input/Output VSWR Charts

F2G43 input output VSWR charts

Input/Output Smith Charts

F2G43 input output smith charts

Packing Specifications:

  1. Reeling Quantity : 3000 pcs/13” reel (or 1000 pcs/7” reel)
  2. Taping Structure : The tape shall be wound around the reel in the direction shown below.

F2G43 Packing Specifications

Tape Specification:

1. Leader part and vacant position specification

F2G43 tape specification

2. Tensile strength of carrier tape 4.4N/mm width

3. Top cover tape adhesion

  1. pull off angle : 0~15°
  2. speed : 300mm/min
  3. force : 20~70g



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