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RFuW Update – New products

RFuW Update – New products

RFuW Engineering has successfully cleared the backlog which accumulated during the global Q2 COVID19 shutdown and lead times have returned to normal.  Thankfully product development continued unabated during this period Wireless Components is pleased to share these new products!

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IFF Switch & Limiters

Our family of High Power IFF Switches and Limiters has been extremely well received by the worldwide Avionic market.  The MSW2T-2040X-198 High Power IFF SP2T (Peak: +60 dBm) was released in early Q3 and the reception by the market has been very warm.  Similarly, the RFLM-961122MC-299 High Power IFF Limiter (Peak: +60 dBm) and soon to be released RFLM-961122XC-392 Extended High Power IFF Limiter (+63 dBm) are enjoying strong design in activity.

X Band High Power Switch & Limiter

RFuW Engineering ramped full production this quarter of the RFLM-802123QC-291, High Power X Band Limiter (Peak: + 53 dBm) extending power handling coverage beyond the Medium Power RFLM-872113HC-150 (Peak: +46 dBm).  The MSW2T-8512-740 High Power X Band SP2T, Peak: +50 dBm will be introduced in Q4.

Ku Band High Power Limiter

RFuW Engineering will introduce its first Ku Band High Power Limiter, the RFLM-143173HC-150, Peak Power: +50 dBm in Q4.

High Power SP6T

Additionally, two High Power SP6T (MSW6T-6000-600 – Peak: +53 dBm & MSW6T-6040-600 – Peak: +56 dBm) were launched in early Q3 and have been well received by the multiband HF to UHF High Power transceiver OEMs who have struggled with the thermal short comings of discrete MELF PIN diodes.

High Voltage Switch Drivers

A family of High Voltage PIN Switch Drivers capable of providing biasing voltages necessary in High Power and Low Frequency RF Switch applications are currently being launched. This family will consist of four devices: SP2T and SP3T Drivers which support both Positive Voltage Only and Positive & Negative Voltages.

Strengthening the Supply Chain

RFuW Engineering has launched procurement branches on three continents to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain.  Many customers had been voicing concerns regarding supply chain integrity which is being jeopardized by the highly fluid state of worldwide export policies.   The extension of RFuW Engineering global procurement capabilities addresses these concerns, and now permits seamless flow of material across three continents.  Additionally, our Lot Qualified Die Bank inventory has been bolstered to support customer surge demands.

RFuW Engineering new products introductions:

Device Type Frequency Range Peak Power Availability
RFLM-011014QF-290 Limiter 1.0 GHZ to 2.0 GHz +60 dBm NOW
RFLM-011015QF-290 Limiter 2.0 GHz to 4.0 GHz +57 dBm NOW
RFLM-052402QC-290 Limiter 500 MHz to 4.0 GHZ +60 dBm NOW
RFLM-300301QC-290 Limiter 30 MHz to 300 MHz +56 dBm Q4/20
RFLM-301511QC-290 Limiter 300 MHz to 512 MHz +56 dBm NOW
RFLM-301511QC-392 Limiter 300 MHz to 512 MHz +56 dBm NOW
RFLM-961122XC-392 Limiter 965 MHz to 1.2 GHz +63 dBm NOW
RFLM-802123QC-291 Limiter 8.7 GHz to 11.0 GHz +53 dBm NOW
RFLM-143173HC-150 Limiter 14.0 GHz to 17.0 GHz +50 dBm Q4/20
MSW2T-020522-232 SP2T 20 MHz to 520 MHz +62 dBm Q4/20
MSW2T-2040X-198 SP2T 100 MHZ to 1.0 GHz +60 dBm NOW
MSW2T-8512-740 SP2T 8.5 GHz to 11.0 GHz +50 dBm Q4/20
MSW3T-402103-332 SP3T 400 MHz to 1.0 GHz +59 dBm Q4/20
MSW6T-6000-600 SP6T 30 MHz to 512 MHz +53 dBm NOW
MSW6T-6040-600 SP6T 30 MHz to 312 MHz +56 dBm NOW
MSW6T-6100-600 SP6T 2 MHz to 30 MHz +55 dBm Q4/20
Description Voltages
RFD2T28125-700 Driver + Voltage Only to +125V Q4/20
RFD3T28125-701 Driver + Voltage Only to +125V Q4/20
RFD2T5N200-702 Driver ± Voltage Only  to -200V Q4/20
RFD3T5N200-702 Driver ± Voltage Only to -200V Q3/20

In addition all standard parts listed as “NOW-STD” are routinely kept in stock in our warehouse and/or available via distribution



Wi-Fi 7 Front End Module from Qorvo

The Qorvo® QPF4257 is an integrated front end module (FEM) designed for Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) systems. The compact form factor and integrated matching minimizes layout