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Qorvo’s MatchCalc RF Design Calculator

Qorvo’s MatchCalc RF Design Calculator

New RF matching calculator simplifies RF design.


Qorvo MatchCalc™ is a unique, downloadable tool that allows RF engineers to quickly match their system designs without being connected to complex simulation programs, speeding the design process and reducing the time to get new products to market.

MatchCalc Features:

  • Displays insertion loss/gain of S2P & S1P files
  • Snap-shot feature to hold static plots
  • Real-time optimization/tuning
  • Return loss and Impedance plots for input and/or output ports
  • Smith chart 2X scaling
  • Ability to create a match report in Word
  • Plot markers
  • Using a thru line, displays input source impedance & output load
  • View more functionality in Qorvo’s MatchCalc tutorial (7 MB pdf)

MatchCalc expands Qorvo’s extensive library of tools that help design engineers in mobile, infrastructure and defense markets work faster and more efficiently. University students also use the tools for their design projects. The library includes another one-of-a-kind calculator, the Maximum Power Reduction tool, for designing carrier aggregation mobile devices. These tools and all of Qorvo’s design resources, such as videos, blogs, white papers, e-books, block diagrams and brochures, are available at the Qorvo Design Hub.

MatchCalc is an intuitive set of basic RF design tools providing ideal component values for matching S1P or S2P files to the desired system or reference impedance. Smith Chart, Log Mag and K-Plot matching functionality are provided with real-time tuning. MatchCalc frees RF designers to work remotely and offers capabilities not available in other downloadable tools. The MatchCalc download, along with two Qorvo instructional videos that provide an overview of the tool’s functionality, can be accessed on the MatchCalc download page.

Brandi Frye, Qorvo’s corporate vice president of Marketing, said, “Our goal is to ease the RF design engineer’s job and help them get products to market faster. Qorvo’s Design Hub offers new tools, e-books, blog posts and educational videos. We’re passionate about partnering with our customers to help them solve connectivity challenges, be it carrier aggregation, IoT or the path to 5G.”