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Pros of Transporting 5G with Microwave and mmWave

Pros of Transporting 5G with Microwave and mmWave

Join Qorvo’s James Nelson for a free Webinar- Tuesday Nov 17, 2020 1AM ET

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Millimeter wave (mmW) spectrum offers new possibilities as a RAN solution — notably the ultra-high capacity to deliver new revenue-generating 5G services and applications. However, to fully leverage mmW as a 5G RAN solution, mobile operators need to understand its capabilities and limitations, as well as where and how to deploy it most effectively.

This webinar examines:

  • mmW radio characteristics and radio challenges: capacity, range, line of sight, propagation, path loss limitations
  • RF design complexities: link budget, power consumption, antenna size, regulatory considerations
  • Key performance requirements for 5G services over mmW networks
  • Utilizing multi-user beamforming to enhance capacity
  • Network planning and deployment: scalability and densification strategies

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