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Key Components for LEO Satellite Systems – Webinar

Key Components for LEO Satellite Systems – Webinar

SATCOM market demand has been increasing dramatically in recent years. Multiple research reports estimate that the LEO Satellite market will triple in the next six years. The growing market will also drive technologies to provide higher throughput, wider bandwidth, lower latency, and smaller size. This webinar will cover brief market trends and important system considerations along with how key components like power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, and mixers impact overall system performance. The webinar is suitable for sales members and engineers who are interested in RF design for satellite communication.

In this webinar:

  • LEO Satellite Overview
    • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite
  • LEO SATCOM Market
    • Estimated Market Size by 2030
  • Key Issues Facing the Industry
    • Trend to High Throughput Satellite (HTS)
  • LEO Satellite Trends Highlights
    • SWaP-C
  • SATCOM Frequency Bands
    • Wider bandwidth results in higher data rates
  • Design Challenges
    • New Requirements for Better Performance
  • “Bent-Pipe” Architecture
    • Legacy Satellites Architecture
  • New Satellite Architecture
    • More Sophisticated Signal Processing
  • SNR Link Budget
    • Key Metric to Impact System Performance
  • Simplified SNR Link Budget Example
    • Ku-Band Downlink
  • Achieve Required EIRP
  • EIRP – Figure of Merit for Transmitter
    • GaN Power Amplifier Advantages
  • Modulation Schemes
  • PA Nonlinear Distortion
    • EVM Becomes Important Metric
  • QPA1724
    • Ka-Band Downlink 20W GaN Power Amplifier
  • Ka-Band Power Density
  • G/T – Figure of Merit for Receiver
    • III-IV Improves NF Performance
  • Mixer with LO Distortion
  • Fundamental Mixer
  • Low Phase Noise Amplifier
    • Achieved -165dBc/Hz Phase Noise
  • Expand to Higher Frequency
    • Q/E-Band
  • Qorvo Q/V-Band Products
    • QPA4246D
    • QPA0009D
    • CMD304
    • CMD181K3
  • Take Aways and Q&A

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