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300 watt, 4-Way Connectorized Combiner/Divider, 2000 – 8000 MHz.

300 watt, 4-Way Connectorized Combiner/Divider, 2000 – 8000 MHz.

Innovative Power Products’ model IPP-1314 is a 300 watt, 4-Way Connectorized Combiner/Divider that operates from 2000 – 8000 MHz.

The IPP-1314 combines four coherent input signals or divides one signal into four and is rated up to 300 Watts CW of total RF input power. This combiner/divider is produced in a 3.08” x 2.60” x 1.03” package with a type N connector on the sum port and SMA connectors on the other four ports. This coupler has amplitude balance which is less than +/- 0.3 dB, insertion loss less than 0.8 dB, with phase balance that is less than +/- 6 degrees and VSWR less than 1.35:1. The IPP-1314 is RoHS compliant and can be used in commercial and military applications.


Frequency (MHz) 2000-8000
Power 300
VSWR Max 1.35:1
Amplitude Balance 0.3
Phase Balance 6
Insertion Loss 0.8
Isolation 7.5
N-Way 4-Way
Connectors Female Input SMA
Connectors Female Sum N
Package Size 2.60 x 3.08

View the technical datasheets, test data and 3D model on the IPP website here.


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