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Transmit/Receive Module from Qorvo, QPF0219 2 – 18 GHz 10 Watt

Transmit/Receive Module from Qorvo, QPF0219 2 – 18 GHz 10 Watt

QPF0219 from Qorvo is a multi-chip Front-End Module (FEM) designed for 2-18 GHz Wide-Band radar applications. The FEM integrates a T/R switch, a limiter, a low-noise amplifier and a power amplifier. Transmit power is 10 W saturated with 20% PAE and large signal gain is 13 dB, small signal is 19dB. The receiver noise figure is 4 dB, small signal gain is 14 dB, P1dB is 21 dBm.

The multi-die FEM offers the optimal semiconductor technology for each functional block to maximize performance in challenging radar applications. Power amplifier and T/R switch are GaN-on-SiC while limiter and LNA are GaAs.

Package is a 8 x 8 mm air cavity QFN. QPF0219 offers exceptional performance in a compact footprint.

Typical Applications:

  • Communications
  • Commercial and Military Radar


  • Frequency  Min(GHz): 2
  • Frequency  Max(GHz): 18
  • Tx Gain(dB): 14
  • Tx Psat(W): 40
  • Tx Voltage(V): 22
  • Tx Current(mA): 1680
  • Rx Gain(dB): 14
  • Rx NF(dB): 4
  • Rx Voltage(V): 5
  • Rx Current(mA): 100
  • Package Type: QFN
  • Package(mm): 8 x 8

Key Features:

  • Frequency Range: 2-18 GHz
  • TX PSAT: 40 dBm
  • TX PAE: 20%
  • TX Gain: 19dB
  • RX Gain: 14 dB
  • RX NF: 4
  • RX P1dB: 21 dBm

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