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Thin is in: MEMS Force Sensors for Next-Gen Trackpad Design

Thin is in: MEMS Force Sensors for Next-Gen Trackpad Design

Making thinner laptops can come down to the thickness of the trackpad. Using MEMS force sensors to replace the mechanical actuator, engineers can significantly reduce trackpad thickness. These sensors enable engineers to experiment and innovate with new materials and designs.

In the past two blog posts (here and here) in this series on MEMS force sensors, I’ve been sharing how these tiny, silicon-based devices are so sensitive they can be placed under nearly any material up to two inches thick. And they are ideal for the smallest form factors, like earbuds, where size, low power, and reliability are critical to the designs.

Laptop trackpads are another ideal application for MEMS force sensors. These sensors allow trackpads to be built much thinner than today’s solutions while still delivering the same multi-function gestures we have today.

Qorvo offers extremely sensitive MEMS force sensors. These sensors are very small, predictable and low power, enabling low-cost, reliable trackpad designs. Qorvo also can offer end-to-end design expertise and assistance, simulation capabilities, and software integration to help engineers deliver product innovations. Learn more about force sensors and how Qorvo can help you integrate them into your next project.

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Shaune Reynolds
Staff Product Marketing Manager

Shaune is a seasoned Staff Product Marketing Manager with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. A recognized authority in analog semiconductor products, he is committed to spearheading innovation and empowering customers to achieve their cutting-edge design objectives.

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