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QPG6105 Multi-Standard Smart Home Communications Controller from Qorvo

QPG6105 Multi-Standard Smart Home Communications Controller from Qorvo

QPG6105 is a low power communications controller implementing Zigbee®, Thread, Matter, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Bluetooth Mesh protocols. It features the hardware based ConcurrentConnect™ technology enabling multiple protocols to operate simultaneously, delivering improved capacity and enhanced interoperability with the leading low power standards.

The QPG6105 SoC and its software is Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy certified and a candidate for Matter v1.0 certification. The QPG6105 development kit is a one-stop shop for boards, software and documentation for easy product development. Additionally, connected lighting reference design is available to reduce time to market for customers.

Typical Applications:

  • Connected lighting
  • Smart home sensors
  • Smart home actuators

Key Features:

  • ConcurrentConnect™ technology delivers superior multi-standard performance with a single radio
  • Support for Zigbee, Thread, Matter, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Bluetooth® Mesh
  • Support for secure boot, secure OTA software upgrade, and secure identity
  • Easy-to-use development kit with reference applications and hardware designs
  • 128 kB RAM and 1 MB Flash for advanced use-cases
  • Greatly reduced Flash footprint due to offload to ROM
  • Optimized connected lighting design BOM
  • Antenna diversity increases effective range

Other Features:

  • MatterTM, Thread, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh & Zigbee®
  •   Antenna diversity increases range
  • QFN32 4x4mm package
  • Ideal for smart homes & IoT


Application Connected Lighting, Sensors, Smart Home Controllers, Wearables
Protocols Zigbee, Thread, Matter, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh
Multi-Stack Yes
Multi-Channel Listening Yes
Type System on Chip
Package Type QFN, 32-pin
Package(mm) 4.0 x 4.0

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