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QPC1008 DC – 20 GHz DSA with VVA

QPC1008 DC – 20 GHz DSA with VVA

Qorvo’s QPC1008 is a negative voltage controlled, wideband GaAs MMIC 5-bit digital step attenuator combined with a 1 dB voltage variable attenuator (VVA), housed in a leadless 3.9 x 3.9 mm surface mount package. Each digital bit is controlled by a single voltage of either 0 V or -5 V, while the VVA is controlled using a single voltage varied from -5 V to 0 V. The digital bit values are 1 (LSB), 2, 4, 8, and 16 dB, when combined with the 1 dB analog bit, a total of 32 dB of attenuation is achieved. The QPC1008 has low insertion loss of 5.5 dB at 10 GHz and is 50 ohms matched eliminating the need for RF port matching.

Typical Applications

    • Electronic warfare
    • Test and measurement
    • Radar
    • Phased Array
Frequency Min(MHz) DC
Frequency Max(MHz) 20,000
Insertion Loss(dB) 5
Attenuation Range(dB) 32
IP1dB(dBm) 22
IIP3(dBm) 33
Interface Parallel
Bits 5
Step Size(dB) 1
Voltage(V) (DCA) -2.5 to -5.5,
(ACV) 0 to -5
Package Type QFN
Package(mm) 3.9 x 3.9

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