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Qorvo’s Power Solutions for Phased Radar

Qorvo’s Power Solutions for Phased Radar

Technology is always evolving. GaN technology, along with power management integrated circuitry in phased array radar systems, is part of this evolution. GaN entered the market some time ago with differences in operational methodology but with the key advantage of higher power, wider bandwidth and high breakdown voltage performance over previous generational technologies.

Optimizing efficiency, power consumption and size is key for radar applications. Qorvo’s new compact, three-stage power solution for phased array system designs provides configurable GaN bias point autocalibration and gives engineers the flexibility to optimize system performance for different GaN power amplifiers (PAs) without changing the board design.

Combining a constant-current capacitor charger (ACT43950), RFPoL drain regulator (ACT43850) and drain switch and negative gate regulator (ACT43750), the highly configurable chipset supports bias sequencing and autocalibration of the GaN PA for aging and temperature compensation.

The embedded power control and the innovative new architecture of this radar chipset solution reduces capacitance by up to 90%, resulting in a significantly smaller footprint, reduced weight and lower overall operating costs.

  • Bias sequencing
  • Autocalibration for temperature and aging compensation
  • Reduced capacitance: only 100uF needed for 1KW pulse
  • Configurable Vdrain: 20V – 55V up to 20A
  • Drain switching below 100ns
  • Minimized noise and EMI

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