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Qorvo’s Power Solution for your GaN PA

Qorvo’s Power Solution for your GaN PA

The 40V, ACT41000 RFPoL synchronous step-down regulator delivers low-noise and high efficiency to power one or more GaN or GaAs power amplifiers.

Qorvo’s ACT41000 is a programmable output, low noise, RFPoL (Radio Frequency Point of Load) step down Regulator with auxiliary bias supply regulators. This synchronous step-down voltage regulator supports a wide input voltage from 4.5 to 40 V and integrates both the high side and low side MOSFETS. These 50 mΩ RDSON transistors, driven by the optimized 5V self-biasing, enable high efficiency to reduce power losses.

The product’s main buck converter can be dynamically programed to an output voltage between 3 and 24 V in 12.5 mV steps via the I2C interface or analog feedback. It also can dynamically program output current between 0 and 4 A in 256 steps via the I2C interface in a constant-current (CC) operation mode. The main buck operates in a proprietary current mode control that supports external clock syncing for switching frequencies between 450 kHz and 2.25 MHz and spread-spectrum. ACT41000 has built-in iDAC for Bias Detection and automatic system level bias threshold trigger for PA Vdrain bias applications. The product also integrates a 5 V / 350 mA mini-buck converter and a 20 mA AUX LDO.

Key Features:

  • 4.5 to 40 V operational input voltage
  • Programmable output voltage by I2C from 3 to 24 V in 12.5 mV steps
  • Programmable output current limit from 0 to 4 A in 256 steps
  • Integrated current DAC for bias detection and automatic system level bias threshold trigger
  • Fixed-frequency current mode control from 450 kHz – 2.25 MHz with external clock sync and 100% duty operation
  • 5 V bias, 350 mA buck converter
  • 20 mA AUX LDO programmable output 0.9 to 4.0 V
  • 32-pin 5 mm x 5 mm exposed-pad QFN package
Topology Step-Down
Min Input Voltage(V) 4.5
Max Input Voltage(V) 40
Min Output Voltage(V) 3
Max Output Voltage(V) 24
Max Output Current(A) 4
Iq (typ)(mA) 1.3
Pin Count 32
Operating Junction Temperature(C) -40 to 150
Configurable Output Voltage Step Size(mV) 12.5
Configurable Output Current Step Size(mA) 15.6
Output Noise(mVrms) 1.1
Operation Frequency(kHz) 445 to 2,250
Features Mini-buck: 350mA; LDO: 20mA; External Clock Sync; Spread-Spectrum; I2C;
Package Type QFN, 32-pin
Package(mm) 5.0 x 5.0

See the ACT41000 in action in Qorvo’s power bias solution reference design for GaAs and GaN power amplifiers, and read more about this solution in our blog.

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