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Qorvo’s Multi-time programmable PMICs

Qorvo’s Multi-time programmable PMICs

Qorvo’s PMICs are efficient and highly integrated solutions that perform power distribution functions in complex systems with multiple power rails. Multiple time programmable (MTP) non-volatile memory (NVM) enables configurability to adjust functions and parameters that can be preprogrammed and optimized on-the-fly using an I2C interfac

Why Qorvo Power ICs?

  • ActiveCiPS™ – Qorvo’s proprietary multi-time programmable technology (Configurable Intelligent Power Solutions)
  • ActiveCiPS reduces your design risk with on-board design changes on the spot, in your lab
  • A single device delivers multiple configurations for different designs
  • ActiveCiPS accelerates your time to market
  • Fully integrated cost-effective solution


  • ActiveCiPS programming dongle
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Allows you to reconfigure ICs on your PCB

The ACT88760 is a 5V integrated PMIC. It delivers advanced levels of programmability, power efficiency and capability in a simple, compact design.

The ACT88420 is a 5V integrated PMIC. It includes constant-on-time (COT) control topology for improved transient response, and three-state GPIOs for enhanced configurability. This highly compact device is ideal for space-constrained designs.

The ACT81460 is a fully integrated, low-power multi-rail PMIC with an integrated 1S battery charger. It features very low standby current that prolongs battery life and is specially designed for the wearable market.

The ACT88329 is a 5V integrated PMIC delivering high power,
high density and support for advanced low-power modes.


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