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Qorvo’s Innovative Approach to Base Station Design Using PAMs

Qorvo’s Innovative Approach to Base Station Design Using PAMs

Electronic system engineers are adapting to significant changes in designing 5G base stations. These include a jump from 4 transmit/receive channels to as many as 256. The frequency range for these base stations has also increased, now starting from 3-4 GHz, up from the previous 1 GHz, and could reach up to 7 GHz. With more channels, like the 256 transmit/receive channel setup, there’s a greater need for power amplifiers that are both efficient and provide precise signal capability. Additionally, the push towards more compact cellular networks involves incorporating advanced technologies like massive multiple-input multiple-output (mMIMO) beamforming, small cells, and mmWave base stations.

These topics are covered in this blog by the Qorvo Blog Team, Jeff Gengler and David Schnaufer:

Aligning the Market Needs to Product Performance

PAMs Enable Compact and High Frequency 5G Base Stations

A Deeper Dive on How PAMs Align to Market Needs

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IMS2024 in Washington D.C

Wireless Components is thrilled to announce the attendance of our Managing Director, Shane, and General Manager, Sean, at IMS2024 – 16-21 June 2024, Washington, DC. Shane

Qorvo’s Multi-time programmable PMICs

Qorvo’s PMICs are efficient and highly integrated solutions that perform power distribution functions in complex systems with multiple power rails. Multiple time programmable (MTP) non-volatile