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PAC22140 Smart Battery Monitoring System

PAC22140 Smart Battery Monitoring System

The PAC22140 BMS), (Smart Battery Monitoring System) monitors 10 –  20-series Li-ion, Li-polymer, and LiFePO4 battery packs. PAC22140 communicates using UART/SPI or I2C/SMBus interfaces.

PAC22140 integrates a FLASH-programmable MCU, Power Management, Current/Voltage/Temperature Sense and drive circuits for charge/discharge FETs and protection fuses. It can communicate using UART/SPI or I2C/SMBus serial interfaces.

PAC22140 integrates a programmable-gain differential amplifier and 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADC for current sense as well as a 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADC for cell balancing voltage sense and a 10-bit SAR ADC for additional voltage and temperature sense usage.

Key Features:

  • Fully Programmable 50Mhz Arm Cortex M0 with 32kB Flash
  • 10s-20s Cell Monitoring & Balancing
  • 19V-145V Input Buck DC/DC
  • High Voltage Charge Pump for gate drive
  • 5V/225mA Regulator
  • CHG/DSG FET Driver
  • 20s Cell Balancing FETs (50mA)
  • 16-bit SD ADC for Current Sense with Differential PGA
  • 16-bit SD ADC for voltage sense, cell balance
  • 10-bit SAR ADC for voltage/temp sense
  • Programmable 2-Level OCP
  • Ta = -40 C to 105 C
  • 9 x 9 mm, 60 pin QFN with power pad


  • Battery Cell Count: 10 to 20
  • Battery Cell Balancing: Integrated Cell Balancing FETs (50mA)
  • Stackable: Application Specific
  • Input Voltage(V): 145
  • Power Management: 145V DC/DC Buck Controller
  • Voltage Regulator(V/mA): 5 V / 225 mA, 3.3 V / 90 mA
  • Gate Drivers: CHG/DSG Drivers
  • eFuse FET Driver: Yes
  • Microcontroller: 50MHz ARM Cortex M0 with 10bit SAR ADC
  • MCU Flash(KB): 32kB – Flash , 8kB – SRAM
  • Isense ADC: 6-bit SD ADC with Differential PGA
  • Vsense ADC: 16-bit SD ADC
  • Interface: UART/SPI, I2C/SMBus
  • Package Type: QFN, 60-pin
  • Package(mm): 9 x 9

Typical Applications:

  • Garden Tools
  • Power Tools
  • E-Transportation
  • Broad Industrial Battery Management

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