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IoT Dev Kit Pro, Qorvo.Enable Smart IoT

IoT Dev Kit Pro, Qorvo.Enable Smart IoT

Get ready to develop next generation IoT devices quickly and easily. Check out how ConcurrentConnect™ can create differentiated and reliable products for all smart applications in this video.

Develop next generation IoT devices and solutions quickly and easily using Qorvo’s unique ConcurrentConnect™ technology empowered with our hardware which allows you to create differentiated and reliable products for all IoT applications. For QPG6105 connected device,
The Qorvo QPG7015M IoT Dev Kit Pro
provides a streamlined Bluetooth Low Energy and Matter environment for QPG6105, and the QPG7015M Gateway features turn-key reference applications for Thread, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Zigbee.

Key Features:

  • Complete system of a QPG6105 Matter device and a QPG7015M Thread Border Router integrated with a Raspberry Pi 4 host
  • ConcurrentConnect™ technology for multi-standard use
  • Matter™, Thread, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Zigbee certified
  • Software API, RF performance tools and application guidelines to ease development
  • PCB antennas to leverage ConcurrentConnect Antenna Diversity both on the gateway and connected device
  • ConcurrentConnect Coexistence for WiFi and IoT on the gateway with configurability

Qorvo’s QPG7015M IoT Development Kits offer comprehensive solutions for constructing IoT gateway and connected device applications with minimal development effort. The kits include an efficient multi-standard development environment, along with example applications and various tools that streamline IoT development for a hassle-free experience.

A development board combining QPG6105, peripherals,LEDs, buttons, power supply and a program/debuginterface is available to developers for prototyping applications and validating QPG6105 performance. The Development Kit is the ideal starting point to get familiar with the QPG6105 SW and development tools.  The Development Kit consists of a QPG6105 plug-on radio board and a carrier board. The carrier board enables application development and debugging of the radio board. It contains sensors and peripherals for easy demonstration of some of the QPG6105 capabilities.

QPG6105 radio board features:
• QPG6105 SoC with 1 MB flash, 128 kB RAM
• 2 x 2.4 GHz PCB antenna for antenna diversity
• +10 dBm output power.

Main board features:
• SEGGER J-Link on-board debugger and virtual COM port
• Humidity, PIR and hall sensors
• RGB LED, user LEDs and buttons
• UART interface
• 8 Mbit low-power serial flash
• CR123 battery support
• Extension headers.

What benefits can I expect from the Qorvo QPG7015M Development Kit (DK)?

  • Out-of-the box, the QPG7015M DK concurrently acts as a Zigbee coordinator, Matter hub and Bluetooth® LE central/peripheral. Using Qorvo’s unique ConcurrentConnect™ technology [https://www.qorvo.com/design-hub/videos/qorvo-makes-iot-easy-with-concurrentconnect-technology], all these protocols are served simultaneously, without dropping communications even in challenging use cases that require Bluetooth scanning combined with a Zigbee/Matter coordinator or router.
  • Its antenna diversity software and hardware functionality increases interference robustness in the presence of other 2.4 GHz radios.
  • Multi-channel technology enables you to run up to three IEEE 802.15.4 stacks on three different channels without any user impact on reliability and latency; for instance, by combining a Thread Border Router for Matter on one channel and a Zigbee coordinator role on another channel.
  • Radio Performance tooling enables you to verify and test the QPG7015M RF performance.
  • The QPG7015M DK includes reference designs for turnkey IoT product solutions, enabling you to verify and optimize your application requirements and achieve a quicker time-to-market.
  • It provides a powerful, Linux-based development environment typical of smart home gateways.
  • It is interoperable with IoT products from major smart home ecosystems: IKEA Home Smart, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, etc.
  • It provides a certified solution for Bluetooth LE 5.2, Zigbee R22 and Thread 1.3.
  • A Wi-Fi/IoT coexistence tooling enables simple configuration and verification of the 3-wire coexistence protocol between the different radios.
  • It supports over-the-air firmware updates, including an OTA server for Zigbee devices.
  • You get a development kit dedicated to gateways vs. end nodes, giving you immediate access to only the relevant software, hardware and documentation for a gateway use case.

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