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GaN Power Amplifier by Qorvo,15.4-17.7GHz 35W

GaN Power Amplifier by Qorvo,15.4-17.7GHz 35W

Qorvo’s QPA1315 is a packaged high power MMIC amplifier, Ku-K band, fabricated on Qorvo’s production 0.15 um GaN on SiC process (QGaN15). QPA1315 is targeted for 15.4 – 17.7 GHz band. It provides 35 W of saturated output power with 21 dB of large signal gain while achieving 20% power-added efficiency.

The QPA1315 is packaged in a 10-lead 15 x 15 mm bolt-down with a Cu base for superior thermal management. To simplify system integration, the QPA1315 is fully matched to 50 ohms with DC grounded I/O ports for optimum ESD performance. Also, there are on-chip blocking capacitors following the DC grounds on the input and output ports.

The QPA1315 is ideal for supporting communications and radar applications in both commercial and military markets.

The QPA1315 is 100% DC and RF tested to ensure compliance to electrical specifications.

Lead-free and RoHS compliant.


  • Frequency Min(GHz): 15.4
  • Frequency Max(GHz):17.7
  • Psat(dBm): 45
  • Gain(dB): 25
  • PAE(%): 20
  • PAE(%)L 26
  • Current(mA): 640
  • Package Type: 10 Lead Copper Base
  • Package(mm): 15.2×15.2×3.5

Typical Applications:

  • Communications
  • Radar

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