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Broadband, High Power Passive Components from Innovative Power Products

Broadband, High Power Passive Components from Innovative Power Products

Innovative Power Products is a leading manufacturer of high-power broadband passive RF components. Since 2005, we have provided solutions for commercial, industrial, medical, and military markets for power combining, signal sampling and resistive devices for power amplifiers, antenna and radar systems.

Turn to IPP when they need high-power broadband components from experts in RF splitting, combining, sampling, and impedance transforming.

This Blog/Brochure covers the following: Download available here! (Bottom of page)

1. Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Chip Used To Transfer Heat

IPP’s Cool Chip is designed to draw heat from one location that is too hot and move it to a different location that can absorb the heat

2. Single-Ended Impedance Transformers

IPP’s line of surface mount single-ended impedance transformers are engineered for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

3. 180º Baluns

IPP offers rf baluns for push-pull amplifiers, antenna drivers, amateur radio, commercial and military applications in frequencies ranging from 20-2500 MHz. Baluns can be customized for your project

4. 90º Impedance Transforming Couplers

5. 90º Hybrid Couplers: Surface Mount

6. 90º Hybrid Couplers: Drop-In

7. 90º Hybrid Couplers: Connectorized

Frequency Range is from 20 MHz to 12.0 GHz. in power levels up to 1500 Watts CW. IPP 90 degree hybrid couplers are available in Surface Mount, with tabs for drop in or connectors.

8. Directional Couplers: Surface Mount

IPP directional couplers can be used to sample RF power in a multitude of applications and are available as dual-directional couplers (DDC), single-directional couplers (SDC), and bi-directional couplers (BDC). They can also be customized to add multiple forward and reverse power sample ports.

9. Directional Couplers: Drop-In

10. Directional Couplers: Connectorized

11. Combiners/Dividers: Drop-In

Frequency Range is from 2 MHz to 6000 MHz in power levels up to 2500 Watts.

12. Combiners/Dividers: Connectorized

13. RF Resistors: Flangeless / Flanged

IPP’s high power RF / Microwave Resistor line offers a compact, rugged, high power, high frequency solution to the most demanding applications

14. RF Resistors: Low Capacitance

15. RF Terminations: Flangeless / Flanged

PP’s line of RF / Microwave Terminations offer a compact, high power, high frequency solution for the most demanding application

16. RF Terminations: Coaxial

17. RF Feedback Resistors

18. Custom Products

Our Custom Services Include:

  • Product Integration
  • Custom Configurations
  • Custom Resistor Assemblies
  • Contract Manufacturing Services
  • Engineering Design Services

19. Where IPP is Used

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IMS2024 in Washington D.C

Wireless Components is thrilled to announce the attendance of our Managing Director, Shane, and General Manager, Sean, at IMS2024 – 16-21 June 2024, Washington, DC. Shane

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