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18-40GHz Spatium Solid-State Power Amplifier

18-40GHz Spatium Solid-State Power Amplifier


Frequency Min(GHz) 18
Frequency Max(GHz) 40
Psat(W) 80 to 126
Power Gain(dB) 10 to 12
Small Signal Gain(dB) 13 to 17
Power(dBm) 50
PAE(%) 8 to 14
Voltage(V) 18


• TWTA Replacement

Product Description
An excellent alternative to traveling wave tube amplifiers,
Qorvo’s Spatium™ QPB2040N is a solid state, spatialcombining
amplifier with an operating range of 18–40 GHz.
With its maximum performance in output power, gain,
power added efficiency, and power flatness, this Spatium is
the ideal building block for various millimeter-wave
subsystems with wide-ranging applications.
Qorvo’s patented and field-proven Spatium combining
technology provides unprecedented Solid-State Power
Amplifier (SSPA) performance in a rugged, compact size
and weight which reduces total cost of ownership compared
to alternative technologies. This product offering combines
Qorvo’s market leadership in GaN technology and
wideband MMIC design along with our high-count
combining techniques for a best in class solution to power
The QPB2040N is equipped with an integrated bias card,
which allows for convenience of operation, reducing
electrical losses in the bias networks, and weight reduction
over using a separate bias card. It provides individualized
bias settings for each amplifier blade in the Spatium SSPA
as well as drain pulsing up to 1.5 MHz PRF for superior
power savings and noise performance.

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